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Caught In The Act, Conygree House, Church Street, Kingham, Oxfordshire OX7 6YA

Caught In The Act Theatre Company devises, writes and delivers drama that explores children's and young people's health and wellbeing. The work is performed in mainstream primary and secondary schools, youth clubs, special educational settings and prisons.

Vibrant writing and robust, energetic performances from highly-skilled actors engage the audience and then examine and change perceptions and attitudes.

Plays and interactive workshops address puberty and sex & relationships education; smoking, alcohol and drugs awareness; anti-bullying; pupil resilience; and community cohesion.

Caught In The Act's continuing success is rooted in realistic, funny and memorable drama alongside a thorough understanding of both subject matter and audience.

Our appreciation of individual learning styles guarantees that all learning needs are met by our dynamic work. We know that some people need to see what we're talking about, some need to be able to sound out their thoughts and ideas; some may need to feel they are experiencing it for themselves and some may simply want to make their own sense of it.

Established in 1989, Caught In The Act is based in Oxfordshire and works throughout the country. The company is regularly re-commissioned to produce a variety of projects by its extensive list of clients that includes local authorities, primary care trusts, individual schools and other statutory, charitable and independent organisations.

Caught In The Act is a not for profit organisation limited by guarantee, incorporation number: 2637778. We are associate members of the Sex Education Forum; the Anti-Bullying Alliance including its sexual bullying sub-group; the Drug Education Practitioners Forum; and we are on the Steering Group of REBOUND, a joint German/UK resilience education programme.

Associate member of the Sex Education Forum


Member of the Drug Education Practitioners Forum



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 “Excellent performance. It was really good to see the students so engaged especially those who find sitting still a problem. Well done!”

Steering Group

“There can be a powerful relationship between education and theatre. Properly managed, a school visit by a group of actors can resonate throughout a school for many months to follow.”
Ken Robinson, Chair – National Advisory Committee on Creative and Cultural Education (ITC) Working in Schools: A Practical Guide to the Partnership.